Trump supporters blinders on

Trump Supporters Keeping Their Blinders On

In the two years since Donald Trump first announced, ran and then won the presidency in the United States, the allegiance shown by his supporters has often reached cult-like status. Trump even commented during his campaign that he could shoot someone on a New York street and not lose any support.

That avid devotion has continued during the first six months of his administration, with supporters ignoring a host of different controversies. An increasing focus on scandals involving Russia, his struggles to get a new health care plan passed and his eye-opening remarks on social media have done nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of Trump’s base of support.

Instead of turning on Trump, those supporters have focused on an inept Congress as the main culprit in the failure to get anything done. The role of Democrats in what’s perceived as using obstruction tactics to block any move forward is also cause for outrage among his base.

In the latter case, the circumstances conveniently overlook that a Republican-backed Congress spent most of former President Barack Obama’s two terms blocking any progress. Such tactics have led Trump to push forward much of his legislative agenda by way of Executive Orders, something those supporters decried when Obama did the same thing.

However, it’s the sketchy relationship that Trump has with Russia’s Vladimir Putin that brings about the most head-scratching moments for political observers. The reverence that many such supporters have for former President Ronald Reagan ignores the fact that he once referred to Russia as the Evil Empire.

In contrast, Trump has ignored Russian interference in last year’s presidential election, taking the word of Putin as opposed to a host of different American intelligence agencies. Ignorance is bliss for his supporters, who still consider him to be the real Teflon Don.

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