Trump and Mexico Now Headed for Conflict

With the reverberations from Donald Trump’s stunning victory in the race for President of the United States still resonating, some of his most controversial proposals he made in announcing his candidacy suddenly has to be taken seriously. These specifically involve his proposal to deport all illegal immigrants and, in conjunction with that, build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

The practicality of the deportation plan has been heatedly debated since Trump first announced it in June. One basic issue has been related to exactly how many of the immigrants exist and how the process of removing them could be conducted. Many of Trump’s opponents have spoken about the possibility of families being separated and the costs of conducting this transport.

Aggravating what was already a controversial issue is the fact that during the same speech in which he announced his immigration plans, he denigrated the Mexican population. Saying that the country was sending rapists and drug dealers into the United States, Trump’s remarks sparked a firestorm of protests.

Trump’s discussion of building an estimated 2,000-mile wall between neighboring countries quickly evolved from the political ramifications of who would pay for something of that magnitude. His suggestion that Mexico itself would pay for it was met with quick denunciations by Mexican leaders.

The controversy of such a proposal was matched by the nature of one suggested method of payment: specifically blocking remittances that Mexican workers in the United States send home.

Other concerns related to any payment related to the introduction of trade wars, whereby tariffs as high as 35 percent would be placed on any Mexican goods that come across the border into America. Trump also made clear during the campaign that the NAFTA plan that’s allowed Mexico to thrive will be scrapped.

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