Tesla UAW ready for battle

Tesla and UAW May Be Ready for a Battle

Since its arrival in the marketplace, Tesla’s vehicles have been seen as the look of the future. The reason stems from the fact that they’re all electric and offer different innovations. However, it now appears that company founder Elon Musk will be dealing with one aspect of this particular business that dates back generations: talk of union formation by employees.

In those earlier times, bitter battles often involved physical violence. That’s something that doesn’t figure to occur in this circumstance. However, that doesn’t mean that the disputes won’t bring forth the sort of angry rhetoric that was also a key component of the earlier struggles between labor and management.

The specific location where the idea of unionization took hold was the company’s plant in Fremont, California, which currently makes Tesla’s Model S and X vehicles. The workers here are also scheduled to start producing the Model 3 this summer, though the timeline may be adjusted if work stoppages and other concerns develop.

The key reasons for dissatisfaction are the equipment being used to make vehicles and what workers consider to be excessive overtime and often mandatory. The equipment issue has reportedly resulted in a higher number of injuries caused by repetitive movements, resulting in reduced manpower.

The overtime issue has also been tied in somewhat with the difference between Tesla worker’s pay and members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. Tesla pays anywhere from $17 to $21 per hour, compared to $28 for UAW-backed workers.

Musk claims that a UAW organizer who was hired by Tesla was responsible for the increased talk, something that was dismissed by the union. Musk also issued a veiled threat about how the company is the only one car manufacturer still within California’s borders.

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