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Patrick Mahony - Camera Lens

Patrick Mahony – 3 Tips for Examining the Mechanical Condition of a Used Camera Lens

Some people prefer to buy used camera lenses due to their low costs. However, it is imperative that you know how to choose one that is in a good condition. Here are three things Patrick Mahony considers when evaluating a used lens.

  1. Scratches and Dents

Does the lens you want to buy have a scratch? If the scratch is not deep, that should not worry you, but it should reduce the value of the lens. However, you should be cautious on the lens that shows that they have been unscrewed before. This might imply that they have had some mechanical or electrical issues before.

  1. Check Aperture Blades

To check the aperture blades, mount the lens on a camera, and close the aperture while using the focus button. They should move smoothly and devoid of oil marks. Do not mind perfect symmetry since it rarely happens even in the high-end lenses used by specialists like Patrick Mahony.

  1. Focus and Zoom Rings

The zoom knob should be a bit resistant depending on the age of the lens, but it should not be wobbly or too loose says Patrick Mahony. If it is very easy to turn, it may be an indication that the lens has been used quite a lot, and in such a case, test the zoom creeps that might be harmful to the lens. In all cases, the focus and zoom knobs should be smooth, and knobs that are hard to rotate indicate the presence of dust or sand.