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Women Take a Back Seat to Soccer in Brazil

The passion of sports can often override any sense of logic or reason, especially when the potential to add a quality player is involved. In Brazil, the most popular sport by far is soccer, or football as it’s known outside the United States, so merging those two facets together has brought about an unfolding public relations disaster.

The reason for this messy situation is because in March, the Boa Esporte club signed goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes de Souza. What would ordinarily be a standard transaction has been overwhelmed by the uncomfortable fact that Fernandes de Souza brings with him baggage that’s been ugly enough for some of the team’s sponsors to withdraw their support.

The reason for such an action is because until February, Fernandes de Souza was serving a 22-year sentence for ordering the murder of a former girlfriend, Eliza Samudio, and the kidnapping of her son. After just six years, a judge ordered his release until his final appeal has been decided.

The crimes themselves are revolting on their own, yet what has truly stoked the anger of many Brazilian women are the gruesome actions of Fernandes de Souza following the murder. In order to eliminate any chance of finding Samudio after she was strangled, her corpse was fed to dogs.

Fernandes de Souza admitted an awareness of the grisly circumstances, yet denied that he had ordered her murder. The motive for the killing was related to pressure in providing child support payments for the son, who was later determined to have been fathered by de Souza.

An official for Boa Esporte attempted to justify the move by saying that it was positive move by offering him a job. However, the reality is in Brazil, 12 women are killed every day, often by someone they know.

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