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The Prospect of Medical Marijuana as a Lifeline for Those With Autism

The value of medical marijuana in easing chronic pain or the suffering of cancer patients has been something that’s allowed the concept of legalizing the drug to become more of a mainstream concept. In Israel, its use is now part of a clinical trial that is seeking to address the growing problem of autism.

The disorder has grown exponentially over the past few decades, especially within the United States. Many theories have been offered as to the basis of that surge, with some focusing on the use of vaccines, though much of that talk has died down after such concepts were largely discredited.

Beginning this past January, 120 children and young adults, all of whom are afflicted with levels of autism that range from mild to severe, began taking part in a two-year study at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

The push for greater levels of research on the potential value of the drug came after anecdotal evidence emerged that one of its main compounds, cannabidiol, has worked better in helping afflicted individuals control such corresponding problems as epilepsy. In many such cases, cannabis oil was mixed with the individual’s food.

The possibility of marijuana as a potential cure for the issue that can cost parents of those afflicted tens of thousands of dollars in medical care every year wasn’t enough to sway American laws regulating its use. That serves as the main reason that the study is being conducted in Israel.

With the study remains in the early phase, those American parents must be content to continue offering their children the only two allowable treatments. Each is prescribed to mentally ill patients as anti-psychotic medications that bring with them serious side effects and aren’t always effective enough to stop the struggles of the autistic.

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