Nicaragua Misleading Climate Change Stance Contrast Trump Defiance

Nicaragua’s Misleading Climate Change Stance is Contrast to Trump’s Defiance

The controversy surrounding American President Donald Trump opting out of the Paris accord on climate change noted that the the United States was one of just three countries to reject the initiative. The other two were war-torn Syria, which is dealing with chaos and civil war, and Nicaragua, which views the agreement from a different vantage point.

Whereas Trump has spoken before of climate change being a hoax and adopted a nationalist policy in his nearly five months in office, Nicaraguan leadership doesn’t offer such a dismissive attitude toward the issue. Their rejection of the agreement is based fully on the voluntary aspect of the pledges that each country made when crafting the pact.

The country’s envoy at the 2015 gathering, Paul Oquist, argued that the lack of any substantive penalty for violators made the agreement worthless. Specifically, Oquist indicated that wealthier countries should pay for the bulk of any protective measures, with the simple reason being that it’s their actions that are causing the problem to mushroom.

Given its geography in Central America, Nicaragua is one of the countries that finds itself most vulnerable to the ravages of rising sea levels and other concerns. These are predicted to manifest without immediate attention to the problem.

One indication that Nicaragua actually believes in the agreement in principle is that the dual diplomacy of Cuban President Raul Castro and then American Secretary of State John Kerry worked shortly before the adoption of the agreement. The disparate duo asked Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega to hold off on any criticism of the pact to avoid having any countries change their minds, a wish that was granted.

The defiant tone of Trump could end up delivering some delayed karma, since his Florida properties are in prime position to suffer the effects of climate change.

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