Canada marijuana legalization shortage harshing

Likely Marijuana Shortage Harshing Canada’s Buzz

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada expected to begin within a year, one issue that first surfaced with medical marijuana is also rearing its head in this instance: a shortage of the product itself. That could undercut the original goal of wiping out the black market, though the issue is only expected to be of a temporary nature.

The reason that those shortages will develop are based on the need to start building up the available infrastructure to produce the product, with other uncertainties having developed in the different provinces. That could mean that some residents will have to order their marijuana online and have it delivered until such time that it becomes available in their particular area.

Another reason for the expected dearth of pot is that Health Canada will be in charge of issuing licenses to those looking to open businesses. Once those companies are officially licensed, it still takes as much as 12 months to bring this particular product to market. Residents will be able to have in their possession up to 30 grams of marijuana and grow as many as four marijuana plants in their own home.

Back in April, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau first announced the plans and established stringent guidelines for sales, with a minimum age of 18 necessary for purchase. Anyone caught selling to minors could face a steep jail sentence and no endorsements will be allowed. The advertising itself is meant to strip away any exotic appeal, while sales from such things as vending machines are banned.

Still being worked out are issues related to the tax rates, with Trudeau looking to keep them low. His fear is that residents will simply go back to the illegal suppliers, who obviously don’t have such added costs applied to their items.

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