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The Flexible Truths of Donald Trump

The election of a new American president will bring about inevitable growing pains that can’t be avoided, with unfulfilled campaign promises usually a key facet of that issue. In the case of Donald Trump, his campaign words have morphed into something completely different, while his pre-presidential tweets have led to exercises in hypocrisy.

In the most recent instance of this conundrum, Trump railed against what he felt was an absurd snapshot of his presidency, the milestone of the first 100 days. However, it was Trump himself who last year spoke about all of the things that he would do in that time, with most of those promises yet to be fulfilled.

Yet other past comments that Trump has made are fodder for his critics, especially his repeated criticisms of predecessor Barack Obama’s penchant for golfing or vacationing. In less than 100 days, the number of Trump’s trips to his Florida resort and golf playing have already come close to double digits in both areas.

Another repeated jab at Obama dealt with what were considered to be manufactured employment numbers that shouldn’t be trusted. Yet when the first numbers came out under the Trump administration, his press secretary Sean Spicer joked that similar numbers could now be trusted.

Issues of foreign policy related to the crisis in Syria were concerns that Trump believed in the past should not involve the United States. However, following a gas attack directed at Syrian citizens, Trump launched 59 missiles that were allegedly directed at the perpetrators of the outrageous act.

Countless other examples exist, with Trump refusing to acknowledge the contradictions that have already developed in such a short span. Given his past history, it’s highly unlikely that any greater attention to self-awareness is likely to take place any time soon.

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