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The Heat is On When It Comes to Sleep

Among the many ramifications that come with not dealing with climate change, the impact of fatigue usually doesn’t make the list. However, it’s becoming clear that with warming temperatures comes the problem of dealing with it while trying to sleep, something that figures to get worse as the problem deepens.

That finding comes from the duo of Nick Obradovich and Robyn Migliorini, who were doctoral students at the University of California San Diego. The basis for commencing such a study was the discomfort they and their fellow students felt during an unexpected October heat wave in San Diego two years ago.

Noticing a bit of lethargy with the others, Obradovich quickly discovered that this area of research had thus far been untapped. By using research on 765,000 American citizens who were asked about their sleep patters, he and his researchers uncovered a clear pattern.

Looking at temperatures and noting when the research participants noted poor sleep patterns, they found a connection with three percent of those individuals. The numbers were especially evident when it came to lower-income groups, since they lacked the capacity to handle higher electric bills caused by simply turning on the air conditioner for the entire night.

An unaffiliated researcher subsequently noted that having simple discomfort may be the lesser of two evils, with severe and sometimes fatal health issues arising. That could lead to situations that require a trip to the emergency room or even something as seemingly odd as an evening heat stroke.

The evolution of seeing how human beings are able to adapt to this new reality may be something that researchers may be looking at some point in the future. Until that time comes, the likelihood of the number of miserable nights of sleep is expected to rise in conjunction with the temperatures.

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