Is the Hyperloop Just Hype?

The recent testing of one version of Hyperloop technology in the Nevada desert brought quite a bit of fanfare to something that lasted exactly two seconds. While successful, this potentially groundbreaking new mode of transportation has only begun what could … read more


Valeant Pharmaceuticals

Valeant Pharmaceuticals Writes a Prescription for Trouble

In the span of just nine months, the crumbling empire of Quebec-based Valeant Pharmaceuticals has reached a stage where simply filing quarterly financial statements has become a soap opera that has the company’s investors deeply concerned about the company’s future. … read more


Meltdown Venezuela

Meltdown in Venezuela

The disintegration of Venezuela continues, with national leaders seemingly ill equipped to deal with a crisis that’s led to hyperinflation of basic items. That daunting economic challenge hearkens back to nearly a century ago, when Germany faced a similar situation … read more


Rock and roll hall of fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Always Ready for a Fight

The most recent edition of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHOF) induction ceremonies was seemingly once again a cauldron of anger for inductees and rockers alike. From Cheap Trick sharing the stage with their exiled drummer, Gene Simmons … read more