Roman Polanski mixed legacy

The Mixed Legacy of Roman Polanski Arises Again

The seemingly endless saga of Roman Polanski and his potential prosecution for having sex with an underage girl nearly 40 years ago took yet another twist in late May. That’s when the prosecutor general of Poland announced that he would … read more


Yahoo fading luster

The Fading Luster of Yahoo

Having been relegated to also-ran status over the past decade by companies like Google, Yahoo remains a company that offers enough enticements to major businesses to make it a potential acquisition target. Who that company is remains a mystery, though … read more


Norway's path to the future taking a different turn

Norway’s Path to the Future Taking a Different Turn

In Norway, the country’s days as one of the world’s leading oil producers appears to be nearing an end. However, the basis for that push is coming from the government itself, with word of a potential ban in Norway on … read more


Rock and roll hall of fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Always Ready for a Fight

The most recent edition of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHOF) induction ceremonies was seemingly once again a cauldron of anger for inductees and rockers alike. From Cheap Trick sharing the stage with their exiled drummer, Gene Simmons … read more