Women Soccer USWNT

Women’s Soccer and Equal Pay Headed On Collision Course

In the continuing debate over equal pay for women, rarely does the conflict extend into an area like athletic performance. That’s because other than areas like tennis or soccer (i.e. football to non-American audiences), the revenue streams from these sports … read more


Starbucks Coffee China

Starbucks Thinking Big in China

For the past three decades, Starbucks has defied sceptics in rising from simply a regional favorite of coffee lovers in the far northwest of the United States into a global phenomenon that keeps getting bigger. Evidence of the latter came … read more


Iraqis Oil Fields

Iraqis Wearing Rose-Colored Glasses When It Comes to Oil

Despite the twin burdens of being a war-torn country that’s emerging from chaos and an oil market that’s seen sharp drops in prices over the past two years, Iraq seems certain that its ability to bring in badly needed revenue from … read more


Rock and roll hall of fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Always Ready for a Fight

The most recent edition of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHOF) induction ceremonies was seemingly once again a cauldron of anger for inductees and rockers alike. From Cheap Trick sharing the stage with their exiled drummer, Gene Simmons … read more