Cracking the Code for Computer Training Still a Mystery

The push to greatly increase the number of people to perform computer coding has surged within the past decade. Claims that millions of jobs are waiting to be filled by such trained persons has driven both business and philanthropic interests … read more


Chipotle technology

Chipotle Fighting Back Through Technology

Prior to the end of 2015, Chipotle restaurants were flourishing because of what they promoted as their attention to detail in making fresh food that was seen as a healthier alternative to fast food options. That run of success came … read more


Donald Trump tweets algortihms financial markets

Investing Forging New Roads Through Trump Tweets

With Donald Trump now officially installed as President of the United States, the relevance of his words skyrocket even more than when he was first elected to the office in November. In the 73 days in between that win and … read more


American Arts funding chopping block

American Arts Funding Now on the Chopping Block

In the flurry of activity that’s been a part of Donald Trump’s first week in office as President of the United States, one of the ominous possibilities relates to cutting government funding for the arts. The Heritage Foundation, a conservative … read more