Michael Jackson’s Neverland on Sale

$131 Million for the Late King of Pop’s House Even after his death, Michael Jackson still could steal the spotlight. Now it’s all about his used to be kingdom, Neverland. The latest rumor has it that the ranch of the … read more


European University MBA: How to choose?

In Switzerland, Germany, France and many other western countries where the academic offering is mature and diversified, choosing a university is a long, complicated and stressful process, especially when looking for an MBA. The Master’s degree in Business Administration is … read more



Japan increases foreign anti-terror aid

Japan said Tuesday it will provide $15.5 million in development aid to support anti-terrorism efforts in the Middle East and Africa. After the killing of two Japanese hostages by the militant group Islamic State, Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida has announced … read more



What is minimally invasive surgery?

Minimally invasive surgery also called percutaneous surgery is a technique, which allows to operate on a patient without causing too much scar tissue. It also helps reducing post-surgery pains. We can compare traditional surgery and minimally invasive surgery in that … read more