Twitter Free speech

How Free is the Speech on Twitter?

One reason for the popularity of Twitter in the world of social media has been that a short message on any topic can be immediately sent out to the world. The sender generally hasn’t had to worry about that message … read more


Aldi family dispute

Family Dispute Creating Ugliness for Aldi’s

In the competitive world of supermarkets, profit margins are often dictated on the strategic initiatives of those in charge of the company. In the case of international giant Aldi’s, that philosophy has always been based on a no-frills approach that … read more


Russian hacking

Russian Hacking is Nothing New

With fevered talk that’s reminiscent of the Cold War, the possibility of Russian hackers potentially having an effect on the American presidential election in November has garnered a great media deal of attention. In truth, it’s really nothing new and … read more


MOMA Expansion plan

MOMA Expansion Plans in Full Bloom

One of the world’s greatest art museums, New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), opened up barely a week after the 1929 Wall Street Crash. Emerging from those dreary financial origins, the museum now has more than three million … read more