drinking cancer report july 3

Drinking to Cancer Not Something Europeans Want to Toast

Having a taste of alcohol when visiting Europe is standard, since it’s an accepted custom in essentially every country on the continent. However, research by some European doctors has discovered that going beyond the acceptable limits when it comes to … read more


Etsy scrambling back to basics

Etsy Scrambling to Get Back to Basics

When Etsy first arrived in 2005, the concept of selling homemade arts and crafts took on a high-tech approach that met with immediate acceptance from a worldwide audience. Evolving from a small startup that had just four employees on its … read more


Trump supporters blinders on

Trump Supporters Keeping Their Blinders On

In the two years since Donald Trump first announced, ran and then won the presidency in the United States, the allegiance shown by his supporters has often reached cult-like status. Trump even commented during his campaign that he could shoot … read more


Russia domestic violence women

Russia Declares Open Season on Women

The problem of domestic violence is one that remains prevalent in all areas of the world and has been around since the beginning of time. More legal steps have been taken within the past few decades to address this scourge, … read more